As Low As $4 Per Person

Call 1-888-DONATOS

Our Order Specialists can give advice on:

  • what and how much to order
  • how to address special needs or requests
  • any challenges you may have at your location

Beyond the Box: Complete Catering Services

Donatos will deliver plates, forks, napkins and anything else you may need to complement your order.

Delicious Differences: A Crowd-Pleasing Menu

Our menu choices run from signature pizzas both familiar and fancy, and our fresh ingredient options make building pizzas for individual tastes simple.

Beyond pizza, Donatos Oven Baked Subs are a great alternative for sandwich lovers, and our Party Size Appetizers and Salads can make a meal for some or round out a plate for the grazers in your group. We even offer dessert options like chocolate chunk cookies and fresh bakes Cinnamon Timpano pizzas and Cinnamon Brick Street Bread.

Worried About Allergies at Your Event? 

If you have gluten sensitivies in your group, let us know. We've got you covered with our gluten-free pizzas! For a complete listing of all allergen information, please click here.


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