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Service Beyond the Box


Call our Catering Specialists: 1-888-DONATOS

or (1-888-366-2867) between 8am-5pm EST Weekdays

Or, if you're calling regarding catering in Dayton: (937) 443-0640

You already know that Donatos delivers pizzas, subs, and salads crafted from generous amounts of the finest and freshest ingredients. But did you know that Donatos takes the same thoroughly flavorful approach to catering?

When you need to bring the flavor to ten or more at your next business, family or neighborhood gathering, Donatos Catering delivers catering with the works.  

Our Catering Specialists don't just take your order- they give advice on what and how much to order, how to address special needs or requests, and anticipate any challenges you may have at your location. 

Donatos Catering